For the First Time

As someone who loves to write, I find it pretty ironic that I haven’t taken a stab at blogging before. Perhaps it has to do with a fear of putting myself and my opinions out there, but my critiques and thoughts tend to limit themselves to the sphere of the classroom or my journal (call me old-fashioned but yes, I still have and use a physical journal – this coming from the girl who also boycotts the Kindle and still loves the smell of an old book. But I digress).

As this is my first time blogging, please excuse what I know will be the occasional (if not inevitable) word vomit that emerges as I try to get a handle on this whole “blogging thing.” Through this blog I want to explore, dissect, and critique the world of crisis communication.

I am interested in how organizations react in the face of an emergency, and how their communication teams disseminate the details to the media and the public. And while you can never be fully prepared for a crisis, it is essential to anticipate potential disasters and have a strong plan in place for when an emergency occurs. A poorly planned response can be detrimental to your image and the success of your organization.

As I hear about the recent “uh-ohs” like the Southwest Airlines plane that landed at the wrong airport, or the security breach at Target, I am immediately drawn to the responses of these organizations. At times, I’m even incredulous at the tactics they chose to employ in the face of disaster.

But this isn’t just a space to criticize. I also want to commend and give credit to the people that are doing it – and doing it well – because anticipating a crisis is next to impossible, and handling it with grace is a damn tough thing to do.

If crisis communication rocks your socks and you feel like you could vibe with my posts (or offer some constructive criticism), then I welcome you to enjoy some OG Original content. But before we get too intimate, let me share my elevator pitch and a quick five facts about myself:


Confession: the only time I have ever hiked Spencer’s Butte

  1. My name is Olivia Gust and I love to immerse myself in the company of others
  2. Laughing is my favorite hobby
  3. As a journalism major with an emphasis in public relations, I aspire to work in crisis management – but hey, the world is my oyster
  4. I am an account executive on Allen Hall Public Relations, a student run public relations firm committed to helping clients achieve their goals
  5. As a Peer Health Educator at the UO Health Center, I teach students about healthy communication, relationships and safe sex

Now I invite you to please sit back, relax, and kick up your feet. Come engage in a dialogue as I share my insight about the world of crisis communication.


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