So You Landed the Job. Now What?


Image by Jon Seidman via Flickr

Earlier this week I shared some tips from Colleen Lacter on how to shine in an interview.  So let’s say you followed her advice and sailed through the interview process. What if they determine you’re awesome and the perfect fit? What comes next?

If you’re at all like me, actually landing the job gives you some anxiety. Unlike most normal people who are probably stoked to find out that they’re employed, my excitement is generally short-lived – my worrisome questions concerning “what’s next?” begin to set in almost instantaneously. “First day jitters” doesn’t even begin to describe the amount of dread I feel in new situations.

But there’s hope. After you excel in the interview and they inevitably hire you, here are three quick tips from Lacter for after you land the job:

Keep your eyes and ears out there. Find something interesting in the industry and offer a point of view as to why it does or doesn’t work.

Complete every project and task with excellence. Show off your work ethic and showcase your talent.

If you’re unclear, ask clarifying questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question.

If you haven’t already determined, I’m pretty much slightly stressed 24/7, and the idea of entering a new workplace and embarking on my career path is terrifying. Luckily, Lacter put a few of my worries to rest. None of the aforementioned suggestions for success are unattainable or particularly difficult to demonstrate.

So remember that no one expects you to be an expert on your first day, and just do the best you can. And as I continue to receive helpful tips and advice from industry professionals, I’ll share them with you, and hopefully alleviate a few of my own worries along the way.


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