Advice for Future J452ers


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So I really wanted to talk about this Target Photoshop fail and the message it sends to young girls, but as this is my last blog post of the term I decided to go another route. I wanted to offer some advice for future J452 bloggers:

1) Keep up on your blog posts. Because playing catch-up all term is not the bees knees.

2) Linky loves are meant to inspire, not straightjacket you. Use them as a starting point but allow for your own creativity during the writing process.

3) Share some insight, don’t merely summarize. Summarizing articles that are already out there without adding any of your own advice or insight is SO. BORING. Critique or commend – this isn’t an elementary school book report (aka plot synopsis).

4) Try your best to stay on topic. I struggled with this a lot throughout the term. I had all these ideas and kept crafting PR related blog posts, and then week 8 rolled around and I realized that hardly any of my posts related to crisis communication and the PR efforts surrounding these events. Whoops.

5) Break the rules IF it makes sense to. The grammar police of the blogosphere aren’t going to hunt you down for using a sentence fragment. In fact, blogs can read more like conversations, but make sure you have a purpose for breaking the rules. Don’t have shitty spelling, misused punctuation and poor grammar just because you were too lazy to edit.

6) Produce quality work. I know, it can be tempting to just slap something together and throw it up on your blog last minute. But realize that this isn’t just a class assignment that will disappear when your teacher returns it to you with a grade. This, like anything else you post on the Internet, is a representation of yourself.

And finally, perhaps most importantly:

7) Showcase your personality. You’re building your personal brand, so let your readers get a taste of who you are.

Special thanks to the small crowd that cared enough to keep up on my posts (and by “small crowd” I mean you, mom and dad). I’ve definitely learned a thing or two during this process, and you better believe I’ll be back! Until next time, my friends.

TTFN, ta-ta for now!


5 thoughts on “Advice for Future J452ers

  1. This speaks to me on a spiritual level, as I scramble the day of to make sure all my posts are in order (they’re not). But you did a great job with your blog, Olivia, and I genuinely enjoyed reading it!

  2. Hey, I am in the “small crowd” too Olivia! Kudos to a great term of blogging.

    While it sounds obvious at first, your point to “stay on topic” is extremely valid and the aspect of blogging I struggled with the most. As new bloggers I think we get so excited to share our opinions and showcase how current-event-savvy we are that we forget the story arc. I look forward to your next posts.

  3. I wish that you could have given me this advice at the beginning of the term!! I completely agree I think that last minute blogs are difficult and hard to manage. Time management is definitely hard for me sometimes and I think that especially with something that involves a lot of thought and creativity and does help build your personal brand it deserves a good amount of time. I also really liked how you talked about the “Grammar Police” because I think we hear a lot about NOT DOING ANYTHING EXCEPT AP STYLE OR WE DIE but I think that blogs are place to experiment and use creative language (but when necessary and appropriate like you said). I will be taking your advice to heart as I embark on my last term of college and beyond. Thank you for your wisdom.

    PS I really liked how you signed off as Tigger! I like how it was humorous

  4. This post made me laugh because I totally agree with you. I tried to stay on topic, but sometimes, I kept going straight to issues I saw on TV. Also, your advice about making sure to keep up with your blogs. I must admit, I actually did fall behind and doing three posts in one week was hard! Thanks for the insight and it was fun being in class with you this term!

    Ps. I wanted to post about that photoshop fail too!

  5. I’m kind of jealous you thought of this post first! I wish I had this to read before embarking on my j452 blog adventure, I wouldn’t have procrastinated blog comments or blog posts quite as much. And YES, love linky loves. Linky Loves are your friend! I don’t know why people don’t like them, I thought they were interesting and an easy way to get started on your post. Great post!

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